These alembic stills have a graceful design based on old Moorish traditions and are widely used throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe. Unlike the riveted union construction, the three parts that make up the copper pot (bottom, belly and top) are welded together, and the thickness of the copper used in these alembics is also greater. Any soldered unions may be of either brass, copper or tin - at its highest purity (99,7%), depending on its location, thus obtaining a non-lead unit. This is known as soldered union construction and it guarantees perfect impermeability.

There is a rapid brass locking / unlocking union between the swan neck pipe and the condensing recipient to avoid the escape of vapours. The condensing recipient is equipped with a water inlet tube located at the bottom of the condensing recipient and an outlet tube at the top where the water exits. In this manner the water circulates in the opposite direction of the descending vapours.

The smaller sizes may be used domestically unlike the larger models which require an adequate distillation area and knowledge on the side of the distiller. Even though these alembic stills are recommended for experienced distillers, this does not mean that those who wish to start with home distilling should feel apprehensive when acquiring one of these models.

They are designed for water distillation of alcoholic mash, from which spirits can be produced. Using aqueous distillation certain essential oils are manufactured, but there are few such exceptions. If you need a boiler for steam distillation of essential oils, we recommend using steam boilers - Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Stills.

Al-Ambiq® has always lead the way when it comes to improving our products, coming up with new and better solutions that are built to last for generations to come. Striving to be better is what has driven us to certify our products, and now these products are a testament to our improved standard in manufacturing and the safe materials that are used in each unique Premium copper alembic. Our customers can now be assured that what they are purchasing is high quality copper products, tested and manufactured in total safety with 100 % lead free soldering and these products are now CE certified.

Our Premium line has achieved excellence with details such as:

  • CE certification
  • thicker copper sheets that require more manual labour and as a result become hand crafted masterpieces,
  • The alembic set comes complete with brass joints and couplings
  • the condenser has a water inlet as well as a water outlet and more serpentine coils
  • Brass solders are used instead of copper or phosphorous alloy solders.

This equipment, if treated well, can last a lifetime.

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